About VNB




Reiauh spent her life surrounded by art while growing up in the music industry. Her father was a multi-platinum song writer. She’s originally from Pasadena, CA and spent the majority of her life growing up in Chicago, IL. At a young age Reiauh became infatuated with the nail industry. She was the young 12 year-old who couldn’t stand having her nails not done, and she always knew she was an artist.

After graduating college, Reiauh began traveling the world. Her heart was set on finding an amazing city in which to launch her nail bar. She spent some time in Rome and fell in love with its beauty, and was then inspired to create her vegan nail polish line named “October in Italy.” She sold her nail polish in cities across the nation, including Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Houston. 

After moving back to the golden state she began pitching in shark tank investment panels and found an amazing community of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and angel investors. She now has a patent for an invention that will be introduced to the nail industry soon, and is making Los Angeles the home of the soon-to-be Vendetta Nail Bar. In December 2019 Reiauh introduced a gel polish line to VNB Nails named “VNB Signature Nudes.” She wanted to create a nude collection that complimented all skin tones, especially women of color who often can not find a shade that suits them. She created a new lane, so everyone would have representation. She is excited for what’s to come to the Vendetta Nail Bar brand.